“With four locations in four years and continued growth on the horizon, the young business is well on its way to spreading the Junzi philosophy.”


“A welcome addition to the recent boom of regional Chinese restaurants in the city is Junzi.”


“For the co-founders of Junzi Kitchen, wraps and noodle bowls are more than just lunch—they're cultural ambassadors.”


“junzi is bringing unfussy, regional Chinese cuisine to the fast-casual realm.” 


“One of the 12 best fast-casual lunches in New York that are gems of world cuisine.”


“Fitting well into diners’ preference for customizing bold flavors… junzi is leveraging the food-obsessed culture in China to make lunch better.”


“For junzi kitchen’s Chef Lucas Sin, food is the first step for understanding culture. Through his Chef’s Table dinners, Sin aims to correct misconceptions about the food he grew up on.”

“The first word that comes to mind as you bite into Junzi Kitchen is balance. Junzi Kitchen is at the forefront of a new wave of Chinese cuisine in America.”


“Cuisine is not just delicious food; it’s also a form of art. Junzi Kitchen makes works on art on a plate during their Chef's Table tasting menus.”


“The menu concept is fairly simple. You order at the counter, choosing your base, protein, vegetables, garnish, and sauce. As for the noodles, the chef recommends the jaja mushroom, which is without a doubt, worth trying.”

“Running late, in pain, Tyler Foggatt had to rush to the hospital for an appendectomy. But she first had a stop to make on Broadway — for one last chun bing at Junzi Kitchen.”

“Anything is better than tofu ravioli in the dining hall, and everyone loves Asian food. If you’re sick of the same old Ivy Wok and York St. Noodle House, check out Junzi Kitchen, they've won over our hearts (and our stomachs.)”


“25-year-old Lucas Sin at NYC’s Junzi Kitchen shares his spin on the tomato and egg dish that ‘every Chinese family knows how to make.’”

“Bings (and their noodle cousin) [at Junzi] are the street food that could redefine how we think about Chinese cuisine.”

“It has a lot of the flavors that remind me of home and my grandmother's cooking.”

“The team itself has lots of different viewpoints, in and outside of food. Junzi is always challenging themselves to be an exciting thing for anyone to feel comfortable going to.”

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