After lots of design iterations and recipe testing, we are excited to launch our new catering platform featuring northern Chinese bing and noodle kits in addition to group cucumber salad, and group house-made teas. Now choose from Chef-Designed destination kits, or be creative and design your own! Vegetarian and gluten-free options are also available. Chinese bing and noodle catering is available from all our locations including, New Haven, Morningside Heights, and Greenwich Village.

Make junzi a part of your office meetings, school parties, or picnic outing. Send a note to if you have any questions or special requests. We are here to help.

NYC catering menu | New Haven catering menu
*subject to seasonal changes and availabilities

“A base of carbs or greens is adorned with an assortment of proteins, vegetables, and condiments that tick every box on the food pyramid.”
- Mary Wang, Vogue

“Bings are the perfect party fair.” 
- Harry Burke, Artists Space  

“For the co-founders of Junzi Kitchen, wraps and noodle bowls are more than just lunch - they’re cultural ambassadors.”  
- Danica Lo, Food & Wine