At junzi, we thrive to provide the greatest care possible for our customers, our crew members, and our neighborhood. We've recently made a few changes to improve everyone's overall experience.

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Why is my noodle bowl shape different?

We heard you - the current noodle bowls are too deep and you are tired of digging for the best bite. Beginning July 30th at junzi Columbia and August 6th at junzi New Haven, we will be introducing a better design. The new bowls offer the same amount of food, but the wider profile makes it much easier for noodle mixing, lifting and slurping.

What's new about catering in New Haven?

Beginning August 6th, junzi New Haven is excited to launch a brand new online catering platform. The new catering menu features Chef-Designed bing kits and noodle kits, as well as Design-Your-Own options for the more adventurous. Each kit feeds a group of up to 10 people. New Chef-Designed gluten-free and vegetarian kits are also available. To get a sneak peek of how our new bing kits work, check out this video. Individually wrapped bings will continue to be available. We understand this is a lot of new information for our valued catering customers. Should you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to send us at note at 

Why are the prices of bings & noodles different now?

You might have noticed some changes to our pricing. Beginning July 31,  junzi Columbia location will introduce a more fine-tuned pricing structure to reflect our guests' favorite main item choices. Instead of flat prices for bings and noodle bowls, new prices will range from 6.99 to 8.49 for bings, and 10.49 to 12.49 for noodle bowls, depending on the main item.

As always, we welcome your feedback and should you have any questions or suggestions at all, please drop us a note at We are here to help.

What happened to the "2 bings combo" ?

Junzi will discontinue the 2 bing combo option beginning July 31 at Columbia and August 6 in New Haven. After a lot of testing and measuring on the line, we discovered this would tremendously reduce wait time and improve our customers’ overall experience. For those who are super hungry (and chances are you are hungry if you are reading this) we would like to suggest a single bing with a side dish like our smashed cucumber or spicy beef shank salad, together with our house-made tea to complete your meal.

We trust you to understand we do not take this decision lightly, and if you have any questions or suggestions at all, please do not hesitate to send us a note at

Can I use cash at the new Greenwich Village location?

Junzi Greenwich Village is cashless.
Some of junzi locations are going cashless and we did not make this decision lightly - a lot of research and thoughts have gone into it. After all, less cash management means less time counting change, making deposit slips, and less trips to the bank. Moving to a card/mobile-payment system allows our crew members more time to focus on our most important task: providing the best experience for our guests. More important, a cashless establishment is safer for the neighborhood. Last but not least, it makes checkout even faster and more effortless - that means less time waiting in line, and more time for delicious bings and noodles.

In summary, a cash-free establishment means

  • Less time counting change, and more time making good food.

  • Cashless is safer for our crew members and the neighborhood.

  • Faster checkouts. Less time waiting, and more time for bings and noodles.

We accept all major credit cards and mobile payment methods, including WeChat Pay and AliPay.

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