junzi chili oil is here


You asked for it, it's finally here.
Take our house made junzi chili oil home and upgrade all the foods. Now on sale at our NYC Columbia location in a small-batch edition of 125.


Every proper Chinese restaurant makes their own chili oil. It’s a pretty straightforward process, but every chef has their eccentricities: how fine the chilis are ground, spice balance, oil temperature control, tempering techniques (if any) and the rest.

At Junzi, we make ours with Tianjin chilies, sichuan peppercorns, and smoky cayenne. Texture from the spices, silkiness from the infused oil, perfect for:

β€’ noodles
β€’ rice
β€’ pizza
β€’ meats + veggies
β€’ grilled cheese sandwiches
β€’ basically anything you want to add a little subtle spice to.


Grab a jar at our NYC location and upgrade all the foods, or add it to your NYC pickup order cart here