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friendsgiving with Food & Wine


Some of the best memories come from gathering around a whole-hearted dinner table. This month, the Junzi team celebrated our very first New York City Thanksgiving with the amazing Food & Wine crew at our Morningside Heights store.


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It’s a super-exciting time to be making Chinese food in New York City today—it may be the best time

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Our Head Chef Lucas Sin filled our table with simply comforting dishes, mixing American and international flavors and traditions.

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you can't really do without brussel sprouts at a Junzi Thanksgiving.

Crispy brussel sprouts with ricotta, honey, and cumin, eaten with chopsticks is the way to go.⠀

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we swapped out the usual mashed potatoes

for sugar-crusted fried taro. Pillowy bites of root vegetable wedges, balancing the line of sweet and savory.

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why make the usual butternut squash cubes

when you can use tender rings of delicata squash, roast it in duck fat, and sprinkle crispy glistening bits of lemon chili oil lap cheong (Chinese sausage) all over it? We'll take seconds please. 


Last year, we hosted a “Chinese Thanksgiving” at our New Haven store for our friends and family. We paired our cranberry sauce with Dong Po Pork Belly, braised low and slow, resting on a bed of staff-inspired molé and roasted turnips.

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For our first Junzi Thanksgiving in New York City, we made a tradition to swap turkey for chicken as the bird of choice. Chef Lucas prepared a Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken stuffed with glutinous rice, an homage to Chef Chan Hon Meng’s Michelin Star soy sauce chicken stall in Singapore.


As the breadth of Chinese representation in the United States continues to grow, the idea of what represents Chinese cuisine in America will continue to shift away from this monolithic preconception of sweet-and-sour. With it, so will cultural understanding.


Cheers to Danica Lo and the F&W team for spending Friendsgiving with us.
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