R&D Assistant/Food Designer




Junzi is a young company with big ambitions. We want to create access to honest, real food in the US by building an ecosystem of fast casual restaurants, events, and private dining experiences. We currently operate 3 fast casual restaurants in New York, NY and New Haven, CT and our Bryant Park location is opening soon spring 2019. And as we move into the next stage of development, we are assembling a group of top like-minded people who want to make an impact.

That’s where you come in.

The Job

What is Food Design? At Junzi, Food Design applies the design process and systematic thinking to develop a creative approach to food-related problem solving. This process begins with identifying consumer needs and ends in strategically developing solutions through prototypes and feedback assessment.

A Food Designer at Junzi goes beyond creating an edible product, but digs further into how to create a sustainable food ecosystem. Someone who is not only skilled at creatively producing food with taste, aesthetic, and quality of ingredients in mind, but is also efficient and organized throughout the process from creation to large-scale execution.

This position requires excellent project management skills and more importantly includes the ability to maintain clear communication with every department. Your job as Assistant Food Designer is to work with chefs and top management to ensure Junzi’s food design projects are each planned, executed and tracked smoothly.

Responsibilities Include, But Are Not Limited To:

·      Creating and exploring original dish concepts with respect to local/Chinese seasonality to fulfill consumer needs

·      Optimizing food offerings based on consumer feedback, kitchen operations, food cost, and multiple-location scalability

·      Always researching and developing the best and most adaptable food concepts to catalyze and build our company’s culture in alignment with top management’s vision and goals

·      Has thorough understanding of real food cost, becoming aligned through the use of proper sourcing and appropriate cost efficiency to ensure production of the best quality product

·      Communication with supply chain management

·      Staying up to date on global food news and trends

About You:

·      Collaborative and open-minded to new ideas and people

·      Attentive to details in process creation

·      Loves people and food

·      Big picture thinker but highly detailed in implementation of ideas

·      High energy and natural optimist

·      Very accepting of constructive criticism in an effort to grow personally and professionally

·      Driven and has high standards for her/him/themself as well as others

·      A hands-on work attitude

·      Thrives under pressure

·      Genuine curiosity about Chinese cuisine, culture, and tradition

You have:

·      Technologically savvy, especially efficient and organized skills on Microsoft Excel

·      A skillful and critical researcher background, up to date on current food news

·      Previous design experience, comfortable with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator-- or other visual communications software or techniques

·      Native English speaking skills

·      Exceptional communication skills and has an intuitive emotional understanding of others

·      Familiarity with local and Chinese consumer taste and aesthetic preferences

·      A high level of independence, willingness to make decisions and strong entrepreneurial drive

A plus (but not required) if you have:

·      Extensive experience working in the U.S.

·      Multi-cultural background with a deep understanding of the cultural nuances between  working in Chinese and American work environments

·      Working understanding of Chinese (Mandarin)

·      Kitchen experience and a basic understanding of food science and nutrition

To apply, please submit cover letter and resume in a single PDF and email to  joinus@junzi.us and include [R&D Assistant/Food Designer position] in the email subject line.

Junzi is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

We offer competitive pay and a comprehensive benefits package, including vision/dental/medical, and commuter discounts for full-time employees after required wait periods. We encourage our employees to grow and learn, and offer many opportunities for personal and career development.

about Junzi:

At junzi, we are committed to making simple, thoughtful, everyday Chinese food for everyone.

We serve northern chinese style bings & noodles daily, curate a 5-course chef's table monthly, and host a late-night street food menu weekly.