Menu - junzi Bryant Park


Menu - junzi Bryant Park

junzi Bryant Park
135 West 41st Street
New York, NY

MON - FRI 10:30am - 10pm
SAT - SUN 11am - 9pm

soft open. hours subject to change.
online order & catering coming soon!

* seasonal
Vegetarian options available.
Gluten free? Substitute with kale or rice noodles.


chef-designed noodles

Noodle Bowls  拌面 
We specialize in northern Chinese noodles tossed in sauces, braised meats, vegetables and garnish, served without broth. Knife noodles 刀削面 are wide, wavy, rippled noodles with a variety of textures and thickness. Spring noodles 阳春面 are thinner, and chewier.

tomato pork (first time favorite)

knife noodles, tomato & egg sauce, braised pork hock, chinese cauliflower, pickled daikon, cilantro

furu chicken
rice noodles, furu sesame sauce, ginger scallion chicken, buddha’s palm, shredded cucumber, scallions

jaja beef
spring noodles, jaja sauce, braised beef shank, bean sprouts, shredded cucumber, chive ash

furu tofu (v.)
rice noodles, furu sesame sauce, griddled tofu, buddha’s palm, shredded cucumber, scallions

spicy sesame mushroom (v.)
spring noodles, sesame chili sauce, king oyster mushrooms, chinese cauliflower, shredded cucumber, scallions

Bok Choy Salad

seasonal special
bok choy, kale, mixed beech and king oyster mushrooms, shredded cucumber topped with a refreshing ginger-sesame dressing.

add chicken +2.50

chef-designed bings

Chun Bing 春饼
Chun bing 春饼 is a northern Chinese thin flour-pressed dough, a perfect parcel of braised meats, flavorful sauce, stir-fried and pickled vegetables. Looking for spicy Chinese food? We’ve got options. Choose from five chef-recommendations, or get creative and build your own.

garlic chili pork
wheat bing, braised pork hock, chinese cauliflower, pickled daikon, cilantro, garlic chili sauce

roasted sesame chicken
white bing, ginger scallion chicken, buddha’s palm, shredded cucumber, scallions, roasted sesame sauce

sweet bei beef
white bing, beef shank, bean sprouts, kale, chive ash, sweet bei sauce

roasted sesame tofu (v.)
wheat bing, griddled tofu, bok choy, chinese cauliflower, scallions, roasted sesame sauce

garlic chili mushroom (v.)
wheat bing, king oyster mushrooms, chinese cauliflower, pickled daikon, cilantro, garlic chili sauce


Little Dishes

smoked tofu & celery
crunchy celery and smoked tofu tossed in sesame oil

savory string beans
served in a dipping sauce of black sesame, rice vinegar and soy bean paste

smashed cucumbers

quick pickled with red cabbage in black vinegar, garlic, and sesame

chilled spiced beef shank
braised for 3 hours with star anise, black cardamom, and cloves. Thinly sliced and served chilled.


mango pudding
sweet mango pudding topped with whipped coconut cream

sweet silken tofu
silken tofu in a ginger and brown sugar syrup. slightly sweet.

House Teas

floral, sweet
pu'er tea
earthy, a little sweet
oolong tea
refreshing, unsweetened
hawthorn tea
pink, tart, non-caffeinated

Destination Teas

anhui black rose tea
proprietary black rose tea blend, sweetened with cane sugar.
fujian jasmine lychee tea
proprietary jasmine green tea blend, cold brewed and sweetened with lychee.
guangdong lychee black tea (unsweetened)
black tea perfumed with lychee, cold brewed, unsweetened.


vitasoy juice-boxes
soy milk
lychee juice
mango juice
chysanthemum tea
lemon tea

Chinese Chips

Lonely God Potato Twists
originally from Taiwan

Chinese Lay’s
bold flavors from spicy crabs to chicken wings

House Chili Oil

house-made, small-batch, very spicy
made from Tianjin chili peppers, good on everything.


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