Junzi Kitchen offers catering packages of our Northern Chinese chun bing wraps, noodle trays, side dishes, and teas.

Catering packages start at $9 per person and can be delivered throughout greater New Haven.
If your event is in less that 48 hours, Please call us at 475-441-7836. Thanks!

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There is no additional charge or tips for delivery or setting up. All bings are individually packed and noodles are served with differnt size noodle trays. Protein choices: chicken, beef, pork, tofu and mushroom. Please let us know what would you like in the notes section below. Gluten free and special requirement items are available upon request with extra $1pp.
Please let us know any special requests such as dietary restrictions and ingredient preferences, and also location access information (e.g ring the bell).

Please note

* 10 people or $100 minimum per order, $15 fee for orders below the minimum

* All packages include utensils and paper goods.

* Let us know if there are any dietary restrictions or food preferences when you place the order

* A 10% rush booking fee will be added to your order if booked less than 24 hours in advance. We will try our best to fulfill your order if it is less than 24 hours, but we cannot guarantee it. Please call or email the catering manager to confirm your order.

* Orders cannot be canceled the day of an event, a 20% fee will be charged.